Tomcat cover


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”Dark, handsome, and angry, he glared down at me like he wanted to eat me alive – and not in a good way…”

She’s the quiet good girl, living peacefully in her cottage and content with just her cat, Whiskers, for company – until he moves into the mansion next door. A bad boy since high school, he’s back in town with his newfound wealth, hiding away in his fortress. She’s the mouse to his catlike machinations – but she won’t play his games forever…

Elaine Dean wakes up one morning to find that Whiskers, her fat orange tabby, has escaped and is sunning himself behind her neighbor’s house, so she climbs over the fence to reclaim her pet. She’s not prepared to come face to face with Sanford Welles, her new, wealthy, reclusive neighbor. Sanford’s bought himself a veneer of respectability in the years since high school, but he’s still the same hot-tempered, hungry bad boy just beneath the surface.

When Sanford hires Elaine to appraise the antiques left by previous owners of his new house, she soon learns that his true intentions are more carnal than monetary. As Elaine and Sanford find their lives – and hearts – entangled, they draw closer. But when an uncovered secret from Sanford’s bad boy past changes everything, Elaine has to decide: does this new tomcat truly have a place in her life?

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