A Foolproof Marriage cover

A Foolproof Marriage

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”She needed a husband. He needed cash. Their plan was foolproof.”

Jillian Claymont knows exactly what she needs – a husband. A husband would impress the Vice Presidents at her company, open the door to a big promotion, and give her the success she craves. A husband would also finally satisfy her needy single mother, who keeps pestering Jillian to find a man. A husband could even take care of all the errands she never manages to check off her to-do list.

Only one problem – Jillian has zero dating prospects, and she doesn’t know a single man she’d consider “husband material.” So Jillian does what any sensible, high-powered businesswoman would do in her situation. She has a couple glasses of wine and turns to the internet.

Thad Wilson is a perfectly nice, chronically unemployed slacker in need of some fast cash. Drunk on a Friday night, he posts an ad offering up his services for anything, as long as the price is right. He tosses back a few more shots of tequila, and promptly forgets about the whole thing.

Until Jillian calls him.

It’s the perfect “marriage of convenience.” Thad can pass as Jillian’s husband, take care of her errands, and she’ll help settle his debts. It makes total sense, and there’s no way that anything could go wrong with this plan. It’s foolproof.


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