I gave an author interview on Ebook Itch!

Ebook Itch is a great site, sending out a nice little regular email blast about hot new books, books on sale, free books, and chances to read Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) from some top authors!  The staff there has been top-notch in helping me in the past, and I’m always happy to hear from them.

Recently, they asked if I’d be willing to answer a few questions about my experiences as a romance author!  I said yes, naturally!

Here’s a small excerpt:

Do you believe characters or the plot is more important?

I believe that both are important for a good story – a plot needs to keep the characters moving forward, and the characters have to be interesting and realistic enough for readers to care about them!  I focus on creating strong characters, challenging them to grow into their best selves over the course of the story.


Do you outline your novels or do you write by the seat of your pants?

Definitely outline!  I’ve failed every time I tried to write a novel by the seat of my pants.  Now, I’ll plot out the story chapter by chapter – although I still sometimes start writing before I’ve got an ending, because I’m so excited to tell the tale!


If you could live in one of your novels, which one would it be?

Oh my goodness, I’d definitely choose the world I created in Tomcat, a bad boy romance I wrote last year!  The hero lives in an old mansion, filled with dusty antiques just waiting to be discovered.  I’d love to explore that huge, historical house – while accompanied by the cat that also resides on the property, of course!

You can read the rest of my interview by clicking here.

Now, I’d better get back to getting ready for my next book launch – GIVE ME AWAY is coming out very soon!


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