Selling Grace cover

Selling Grace

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”I felt the man’s hand resting on my hip, his skin radiating heat into me. “A divine piece of art,” he murmured into my ear…”

Becca Grace is ready for her life to turn around.

Her disastrous one-year marriage is finally behind her, and all she needs to get her ex-husband Barry out of her life is make one last payment. Unfortunately, that payment (ten grand!) is a little beyond Becca’s already-strained bank account. With the deadline looming, she’s gotten a job working at her Uncle Preston’s art gallery, selling overpriced art to tourists on vacation – but at least she gets paid on commission. She just needs one big sale.

The art gallery, however, comes with its own distractions – Carter James, a gorgeously warm real estate agent, keeps on dropping in and catching Becca at embarrassing moments. In addition, one of the gallery’s featured artists, a tall taste of dark chocolate named Onyx, keeps on inviting Becca back to his private studio for some one-on-one modeling…

Despite the interests of both sexy men, Becca’s determined to pay off Barry and put her past behind her before moving on to a new romance. But can she manage to get her hands on the money – and resist falling into bed with either of these muscled, sculpture-ready men?

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