Sculpting Grace cover

Sculpting Grace

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Her job. Her love life. Becca can’t save both.

Becca Grace’s life is spiraling out of control.

Her bank account is empty, and she hasn’t made a sale at her art gallery in weeks. Carter James, her on-again-off-again boyfriend, keeps pushing her to take things too far, too quickly. And now, if she wants the gallery to stay in business, she’s got to convince Dean Benjamin de St. James – the angriest, craziest artist in town – to sign on as a partner.

Becca’s heard some wild stories about de St. James, but the man’s even more insane than she could imagine. As she finds herself dragged deeper and deeper into his schemes, Becca and Carter grow distant, her relationship with her best friend Portia grows strained, and everyone – Carter, Portia, and Becca herself – fears that she’s gotten in over her head…

”He’s a hermit, a hoarder – and her last hope!”

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