Big White Rider cover

Big White Rider

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”I stared up at this leather-clad, muscular man who had just caught me in his arms. I felt keenly aware of two facts:
First, he was the most handsome man I’d ever seen.
And second, his hands were wrapped around me, pressing against some very intimate places…”

Deidre Reed is feeling down in the dumps. She’s stuck in her dead-end job as a cocktail waitress, she hasn’t been laid in months, and there are no boyfriend prospects on the horizon.

No prospects, that is, until she literally falls into the arms of a handsome stranger.

But this man, Ellison Granger, comes with his own set of problems. He’s a biker in the True Sons – a gang that does not take kindly to women of color like Deidre. They’re so frigid towards Deidre, she feels like she’s trapped in a blizzard.

If Deidre wants to be accepted by the True Sons – and have any shot at continuing to see Ellison’s sexy, perfectly toned body – she’s going to have to pass the True Sons’ rituals of acceptance. She’ll be tested, both physically and emotionally.

Deidre’s determined. This sexy new man in her life is worth it, she’s sure – but just how far is she willing to go?

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