The Escaped Girl

The Escaped Girl

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My ex-biker boyfriend hadn’t told me about his past life. He hadn’t told me how his old gang was up to the neck in shady drug deals. And now I couldn’t escape…

For Elizabeth Sterling, everything was perfect. She was attending college while living with her former biker turned domestic boyfriend, who she will forever know as Roads. But although she’s happy, Roads seems distracted, his mind somewhere else.

When Roads announces that he has to go attend to a mysterious matter from his past, Elizabeth isn’t content to sit idly by. Calling up an old contact, she sets off on her own, determined to find out what secrets her boyfriend was keeping from her.

But things don’t always go to plan. Roads, furious that she came after him, refuses to even speak to her. Crush, the gang’s president, has a plan to fix the gang’s drug problem “once and for all.” And Skye, the sexy dark-skinned man who helped Elizabeth find the gang, can’t seem to keep his eyes (or hands) off her body.

Last time, Elizabeth managed to escape her imprisonment. But this time, she’s walked into a cage of her own choosing. And she can’t see a way out…

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