Guns & Burning Rubber cover

Guns & Burning Rubber

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Trapped in the basement, her hands cuffed, Kara stared up defiantly as the big biker advanced towards her. She knew she was on her own, no one coming to save her…

FBI Special Agent Kara Sybil can’t remember ever before feeling this conflicted.

She has successfully infiltrated the Iron Brotherhood, an outlaw motorcycle club, searching for the criminals behind a steady stream of illegal guns pouring in across the southern border. She’s found a lead – a rival gang, the Hellraisers, may be the masterminds of the smuggling operation. But Kara has also found that Cross, the outlaw helping her keep her cover, is much more of a man than she ever thought possible.

Kara knows that it’s her professional duty to solve this case, to go after the criminals. But her heart is urging her to abandon her old life, and start a new one with Cross. How can she make the choice between love and career?

Of course, if the Hellraisers have their way, she’ll be dead long before she has to make that decision…

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