Guns & Dusty Roads

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Kara needed the big, burly biker to keep her secret. She had to keep him happy – even if that meant giving in to his desires…

FBI Special Agent Kara Sybil is composed, capable, and committed to her job. When a gun smuggling case comes across her desk, she doesn’t hesitate to dive in. With help from her biker uncle, Kara infiltrates a 1% motorcycle club, the Iron Brotherhood, searching for clues and the culprits.

Undercover, Kara’s prepared for rough trials, uncouth bikers, and heavy interrogation and suspicion. But she’s not prepared to be coupled with a handsome, sexy biker named Cross – who also knows her true identity!

Cross is willing to help Kara ferret out the gun smugglers, as long as she grants immunity to the Iron Brotherhood for their other criminal activities. But as Cross and Kara become more entangled in their deception, they both start to feel the primal pull of attraction towards each other. How long can Kara hold out, resisting this criminal’s sexy masculine appeal?

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