Bound by the Billionaire

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“Richard’s hands danced across my bound and naked body, sending waves of pleasure through me. I tried to resist, but my body craved more than just his light touch… “

Natalia, professional corporate spy, has a new mark: Richard Carlyle, a twenty-something genius CEO, currently turning the corporate world upside down with his new strategies. To steal that strategy, Natalia knows that she’ll be playing a dangerous game in seduction.

“His eyes seemed to draw my very soul to them. Every ounce of willpower left inside of me said to run, to leave as fast as possible But I couldn’t turn away…”

Richard’s a classic alpha male, and his need for power in both the boardroom and the bedroom is unmatched. Natalia has to learn to play submissive – but she may learn something new about herself in the process.

“I wanted to lie to him, but his eyes pierced me, seeking the truth. I had to tell him how I truly felt, how his touch made me shiver and gasp for more…”

Will Natalia manage to steal Richard’s secrets? Or will he steal her heart?

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